Emperor Angelfish
Outstanding for its impressive, stately royal blue and yellow coloration.

A venomous species, its red, white and black stripes match the colors of the reefs and provide good camouflage.

Regal Angelfish
Beautifully colored with yellow and black-edged white stripes, it is found in the crevices of the reefs, solitary or in a pair

Squirrelfish live in coral reefs. Bright red in color with silvery-white stripes, they are characterized
by their large eyes, rough scales and large spines.

The Triggerfish is found in the western Indian Ocean, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. The name Triggerfish
is derived from their ability to use their second dorsal spine or "trigger" to lock their first dorsal spine.

Klunzinger's Wrasse
The Klunzinger's Wrasse is endemic to the Red Sea Coral Reefs. It is carnivorous, feeding on crustaceans
and invertebrates that live on the corals and rocks.

with their bright colors and compressed bodies are common in reefs.Generally active by day,
they keep to their own territories, usually forming pairs and staying in their defended territory.

Daisy Parrotfish
is found in coral reefs in the Red Sea, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Its varied body colors include blue-green,
pink around its scales and in the stripes around its face, yellow in the front of its body.

Coin Reverse (Fish) Design: Meir Eshel

Coin Obverse: issued in collaboration with the Central Bank of the Republic of Palau.

Catalogue No. Mint Year Metal
72020311 2016 Silver/999, Proof with color 38.61mm 31.1 gm 199



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