Establishment of Relations between Israel and the Vatican - 70mm Bronze Medal 0Establishment of Relations between Israel and the Vatican - 70mm Bronze Medal 0
Establishment of Relations between Israel and the Vatican
State Medal, 1994 5754
On December 30, 1993, an agreement was signed establishing diplomatic ties between Israel and the Vatican. After a 45 year delay, the Vatican recognized the State of Israel an relations between the two governments were possible. This unusual, historic event, symbolizes a new era in relations between Judaism and Christianity, after 2,000 years of rift, persecution and misunderstanding.
The Israel state emblem next to the Vatican emblem. Along the circumference, above, he isncription “ESTABLISHMENT OF RELATIONS BETWEEN ISRAEL AND THE HOLY SEE” ; below, “PUBLICAE RATIONESINTER ISRAEL ET APOSTOLICAM SEDEM” ; and Hebrew in the center just below the emblems with the date “16 Tevet 5754” “30.12.1993”.
Inscribed :shalom aleichem” (peace unto you) in Hebrew and “PAX VOBIS” in Latin, with olive branches above and below.
State emblem with the words “STATE OF ISRAEL”in Hebrew on the right and in English on the left ads serial number. Bronze/tombac medal - “BRONZE” in Hebrew and English ; Silver medal – “S 999.9” in Hebrew and English ; gold medal – “G.750” in Hebrew and English.
All medals are numbered.
Nathan Karp.
Tidhar Dagan.
Bronze/tombac - Hecht.


Catalogue No. Year minted Metal m.m Weight
Quantity Issue Price
 15227706 1994   Bronze/tombac 70  140  17.- 
 25227504 1994   Silver/999 50  60  60.- 
 35227302 1994   Gold/750 30  15  278.- 
    * Final quantity not yet determined. Maximum number of gold medals, 499.



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